Are Red Cars Pulled Over More By The Police?

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When shopping for cars, people like to think about a large number of different factors. Among those factors is how likely a car is to draw the attention of the police. No one wants to get pulled over, as this can lead to big fines and higher insurance rates. With that in mind, there is some thought that certain types of cars and certain colors get pulled over more often than others. On a percentage basis, this is probably true. One must look past the statistics, though, and understand exactly what they are saying. This is important for anyone trying to purchase a car.

What the Statistics Say

When it comes to looking at which colors get pulled over most often, one will see red at the top of the list. Red cars are among the most pulled over in almost every part of the country. This has been true for many years and it figures to stay true for the coming years. That information in and of itself does not provide any meaningful information, though. One must look past the statistics if they want to draw any sort of logical conclusion from this information.

Looking Past the Statistics

Some might believe that red cars get pulled over more often because police are more likely to notice a speeding red car. Though there might be some merit to this, chances are that there are some other, more plausible explanations. The fact of the matter is that red is a bold color. People who choose to drive red cars often have bold personalities. These people are more likely to speed and break the law than other people. Someone driving a conservative white mini-van, for instance, would be less likely to speed on average. A person driving a red sports car is more likely to speed and this is the likely explanation for the higher rates. A red car owner who drives within the law will likely find himself safe.

Ultimately it makes sense to consider this factor. It also is important to know that red cars do get pulled over more often. This might not be an indication of any sort of trend among police officers, though. When one looks a little bit harder and peers through the statistics, there is something else lurking. This means that it is probably alright to purchase a red car without too much fear if that is something you are thinking about doing.

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