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Gili’s goal is to restore your car back to pristine condition. Get free estimates on all of our services.

In addition, we offer the following free of charge:

  • Arrange for Towing
  • Arrange for Rental Car
  • Free Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service upon Request

Remember, we work with all insurance companies. Don’t let them convince you otherwise!

At Gili’s, we offer 10% off your deductible, up to $100!

  • Has your car been an accident and needs to undergo complete auto collision repair? Is your car dented or scratched? Is the paint peeling? Gili’s Auto Body offers comple...

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  • At Gili’s Auto Body we approach car painting as a science. Our car painting is thorough, seamless, and skilled. Whether you want to restore the paint on a collector’s...

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  • If your car’s frame has been damaged due to a collision or an accident, bring it to Gili’s Auto Body in Rockville, MD for vehicle frame repair. Gili’s Auto Body off...

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  • Over time, headlights can become cloudy or discolored due to oxidation, exposure to certain chemicals, or chafing from road debris. Gili’s Auto Body in Rockville, MD of...

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  • Is your car dented and banged up? Gili’s Auto Body offers car dent repair and removal to fix the dents in your car and make it look brand new again. We first assess the...

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  • Gili’s is proud to be an authorized Mobileye installer for cars, vans, and SUVs. Let us install Mobileye aftermarket collision and avoidance warning system in your car....

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  • Car wheels can be damaged by a collision or over time from curb rashes, potholes, and corrosion. Gili’s Autobody in Rockville, MD will meticulously repair and finish yo...

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  • Car upholstery damage can be caused by a myriad of factors, such as cigarette burns, snags, wear-and-tear, water damage, and stains, to name a few. Gili’s Autobody offe...

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