Plastic Bumper Repair Kit

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DIY: Do It Yourself. More and more in this on-demand society, we are seeing these three letters. With more information at our fingertips than ever before (thank you, internet!), it has never been easier to learn how to bake a cake, change a light bulb, or self-diagnose an illness (well, perhaps you’re still better off going to the doctor for that one.)

While this new wealth of information hasn’t seem to reduce the number of car accidents, at least it’s easier to do some minor car repair on your own. For example, if you have some minor damage to your plastic bumper, it’s easier than ever to fix.

In the old days (that is, just a few years ago), the primary ways to fix bumper repair were bonding or welding. Now? Glue is a potential fixer as well. If your bumper is cracked, you can use a plastic bumper repair kit to fix the damage rather than replacing the entire bumper (or you can just come in to Gili’s and we’ll do it for you.)

So how does it work? In short….

1) Take off the plastic from the bumper, prepping the area with some surface cleaner.

2) Use grit paper to sand the area, then groove a V-shape on the area from both the front and back sides, creating more space for the glue to affect.

3) Fix the damage on the back side of the material, using one part hardener and one part adhesive over masking tape.

4) After allowing twenty minutes or so for the area to harden, clean up any of the substance which has seeped through to the front side and level the surface.

5) Once the material has hardened, level the area with a sander before finishing off any imperfections (first using eighty-grit, then one hundred, then finally four hundred.)

6) Lastly, apply 2 coats of flexible part sealer. Leaving half an hour to dry, prime, sand, paint, and dry.

There’s your short explanation; if you want more information, just come by Gili’s and we’ll be happy to help you. If you don’t want to DIY, we’d be happy to DIO.

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