At Gili’s Auto Body we approach car painting as a science. Our car painting is thorough, seamless, and skilled. Whether you want to restore the paint on a collector’s car, repair the car’s paint after collision, or perfect your vehicle’s paint job, our professionals will apply the same detail-oriented, perfectionist approach to the job.

At Gili’s Auto Body, we start the car painting process by determining the exact color of your vehicle using a special color-matching camera to ensure an accurate match to the original automotive paint color of your car. We can also compensate for faded or dulled coloring of the car paint.

After determining the precise color for your car paint, your vehicle will go through a detailed sanding process, called feather edging. This process smooths out lines and layers of old car paint and imperfections in the panel and then blends the paint to the damaged area.

Following feather edging, we prime the body and use a sealer when necessary and perform any additional block sanding necessary. We then perform a thorough cleaning and finally a taping and covering the car with paper and a special car cover.

A base coat is applied, and a special drying process occurs. Following the drying, a clear coat is applied and baked at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

As we begin our next step, blending a panel, we skillfully transition the new water-based, environmentally-friendly paint to your existing paint of the undamaged panel. This ensures a perfect color match, even in the more difficult colors of silver, metallic and gold.

At this stage, a wet sand, de-nib and buff process occurs when appropriate. As part of our car painting service, we check for dust particles and imperfections in the automotive paint and correct accordingly.

We also offers a range of auto repair and restoration services such as: complete auto body repair, headlight restoration, dent removal, and more. Stop by our Rockville, MD auto body shop today!