If your car’s frame has been damaged due to a collision or an accident, bring it to Gili’s Auto Body in Rockville, MD for vehicle frame repair. Gili’s Auto Body offers auto frame repair and straightening to restore your vehicle’s frame to its original shape. Our number-one priority is making sure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

At Gili’s Autobody, we use tools implementing hydraulics to straighten the frame back to its original shape. We use laser tools to take precise measurements, ensuring your car is returned back to the original factory specs.

By employing our skilled proficiency and the right technology for auto frame straightening and repair, we will return your car to you ready to be driven safe and sound.

Keep in mind that due to crumple zones implemented by car manufacturers for safety, damage to the frame can occur even after a low-impact collision, in which case, the frame must be replaced.

Gili’s Autobody also offers a range of auto repair and restoration services such as: car painting, wheel repair, dent removal, and more.