Over time, headlights can become cloudy or discolored due to oxidation, exposure to certain chemicals, or chafing from road debris. Gili’s Auto Body in Rockville, MD offers headlight restoration services and will clean and restore your headlights, returning them in pristine condition.

The headlight cleaning and restoration process is made up of three steps. First, we begin by sanding to remove the damaged layer. Then, we polish the headlights. Finally, in order to prevent further damage and preserve your newly restored headlights for a long time, we apply a special quality clear sealant that provides UV protection to your headlights.

Damaged headlights can often be repaired and restored, preventing the need to replace headlights.
Stop by Gili’s today for a free estimate for headlight restoration. We also offer other repair and restoration services such as: car painting, wheel repair, dent removal, and more.