Car wheels can be damaged by a collision or over time from curb rashes, potholes, and corrosion. Gili’s Autobody in Rockville, MD will meticulously repair and finish your wheels in order to make your car look as good as new. Whether it’s steel, aluminum, or alloy wheel repair or wheel restoration you need, we at Gili’s will apply professional techniques to achieve perfection.

Our wheel repair services begin with carefully removing the clear coating from the lip of the rim. We then employ light sanding techniques in order to professionally smooth out scratches and dents on the wheel. We finish off the process by priming, painting, and applying a quality clear coating to have your wheels looking brand new.

At Gili’s, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality care and attention to detail. Read about other auto repair and restoration services at Gili’s, such as complete auto body repair, headlight restoration, dent removal, and more.